I like to call myself a Sardinian Ceramic Artist

Painting has had  an important place in my life since I was young.

Si  The threads of a distant past intertwine and transform themselves  in a need of  expression, communicate through my work, this is what happens to me.

In 1979 I attended the state school in Milan  Alberto Cova where I receive the first supports for learning ceramic art. I guessed  that through ceramics I could  also develop my passion for drawing.

The Studio CERAMICA OLIANAS SARDEGNA   was born in 1998, since then I have dedicated myself full time to the creation of artistic ceramics and my production, exhibited in the laboratory and in the most renowned tourist resorts of Sardinia, meets an ever-increasing interest.

My works are  described in various publications. 

I participated in  at the most important regional trade fairs in the sector: Sardinia International Fair, Mogoro, Samugheo, Artigiano in Fiera and Macef in Milan

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